GAMING & interactive experience studio

We embrace creativity as our guiding force & pour our hearts into each pixel we craft

game design
character design
web3 & NFTs
game development
environment design
ar & VR
ux/UI design
sound & music

technologies we adore


nova (Leo)


Lifelong learner & gamer. Recovering web2 exec with over a decade experience in marketing, game production & SaaS. Father of two savages.

shilja (Igor)


Full stack artist, designer and animator with two decades of experience. Currently working his way towards becoming a hunchback.

Koala (Remington)


Loves koalas, corgis & sleep. Koala is a master of precision guesswork based on vague ideas provided by those with questionable knowledge.

frequently asked questions

where are you located?

We are a US-based Delaware corporation with a team remote team members spread across the United States and Europe.

who is on the team?

We are a highly skilled and passionate team of about a dozen artists, developers, musicians & game designers. Together, we form a dynamic force, driven by our shared passion for gaming and interactive design.

what do you specialize in?

Our core areas of expertise include game design & development (Unity & Unreal Engine), art (everything from A to Z), as well as animation (2D & 3D).

What type of companies do you partner with?

We partner primarily with existing web3 projects as well as brands who are looking to enter web3. If you're working on something epic then we'd love to hear from you.

what's your expertise when it comes to web3? 

We are proud owners and operators of our own captivating web3 interactive storytelling and gaming project, Our agency's dedication goes beyond our project as we actively engage with the top web3 communities and keep a pulse on the latest trends shaping the industry.

Building something epic? let's chat!